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ADSL: Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line, the standard for most Broadband Internet connections. Fast Downloads, not so fast uploads.

VPN: Virtual Private Network, a way of connecting computers using the internet but in a secure environment.

REMOTE ACCESS: Enables you to operate a PC from anywhere in the world via any type of internet connection.

POP3: Post Office Protocol, Email service used by programmes such as Outlook.

SMTP: Standard Mail Transfer Protocol, Email service used for sending mail.

ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network, Secure voice and data lines.

LEASED LINES: Permanent Secure Connection between different geographic locations.

SDSL: Synchronous Digital Subscriber Line, Same speed Download and Upload, ideal for web servers or heavy duty mail servers.

MPLS: Multi protocol Layer Switching, Intelligent VPN solution for larger corporate clients, secure, high-speed networking enables reliable transmission of information across multiple sites. Fast and secure voice, assured data applications, email and intranet.





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